Precision, speed, affordability and cleanliness. These are what you look for when hiring a carpenter. 

Well, you've come to the right place! Thomas strives to deliver the product to your satisfaction with these 4 criteria in mind. Click the button below to learn about his services and pricing.



Taking a concept from first sketch to reality is one of the most rewarding  endeavours a person can set themselves on. It's also incredibly difficult, requiring knowledge, foresight, and impeccable execution.


Is there an idea that you can visualize, but you can't quite put it to paper? Thomas would love to help you through the design process and to ultimately create your dream piece. 


Ever since he can remember, Thomas has been drawn to artistry and design. In elementary school he was picked-out for his innate artistic abilities, titled the "school artist", a title that stuck with him until graduation. Any medium, whether drawing, painting, woodworking, writing and even structural engineering, he quickly understood and excelled at. 

In his work life, those primal skills have turned into a passion and a commitment to perfection. No matter the task at hand, Thomas holds to the conviction that there's only one way to do it: the right way. To him, form and function are equally important and should be treated with respect. What's the point of making something "good enough", when the world is already full of mediocre stuff? It takes integrity, time and care to make something great, and that's what Thomas intends to do!


If you have a project idea you would like to discuss, please reach out to Thomas via e-mail at